We are on a mission to create sustainable packaging solutions for the real world. As experts in packaging innovation, we are in a unique position to assess the full impact of packaging throughout the lifecycle of a product - from production to consumer, into the post-consumption system and back around again. Our realistic approach to sustainability is rooted in the principles of the circular economy. We call it Honest Sustainability.


Reduce Retain Regenerate

To create sustainable and innovative solutions, our approach focusses on three distinct phases: Production, Consumer and the Post-consumption System. We guide innovation by analysing each phase from a macro to a micro point of view. This analysis is rooted in three pillars, Reduce, Retain and Regenerate, that help us link those phases and ensure the creation of truly sustainable solutions.


Reduce Retain Regenerate


We are an official partner agency
to Loop by TerraCycle®.

With the introduction of Loop in France and the US, TerraCycle® is revolutionising the way we shop. Shifting away from environmentally harmful, single-use product packaging, Loop creates sustainable new packaging solutions. Customers can enjoy their favourite products from popular consumer brands in refillable containers, delivered directly to their home. Loop then provides an empty container collection service and product refills as required.