Fanta has always had a distinctive look. However, by 2011, thanks to own-label and rival brands, the once unique pack had become an international standard and a new approach was needed to make Fanta stand out on shelf again. This is how the story Fanta ‘spiral’ bottle began – the story of the world’s first asymmetric bottle for a carbonated drink.

However, for Fanta “the process of designing a bottle like this is very, very restrictive. We have multi-million-pound bottling production lines to think about. You’re working within a pre-agreed tube shape – if you pull capacity from one point, you need to add it into another. And of course, with a carbonated drink, the bottle has to be symmetrical, or it’ll bend.” – Gregory Bentley, packaging innovator at Coca-Cola.

Drink Works proposed the initial spiral bottle idea in 2012 – a design that would emphasise the ‘freshly squeezed taste’ of the classic orange drink. However, given the level of innovation of the spiral design, the process involved a surprisingly considerable body of study and it took Coca-Cola and its team of researchers and designers five years to craft a single bottle!

"How people interact with a product is where we start a project"

— Leyton Hardwick, Creative Director at Drink Works

For Drink Works, how people interact with a product is where we start a project and we knew we needed to get some strong insights to make our idea a success. So, our Creative Director Leyton described “we got young people in a room and gave them fruit, carving kits, plasticine, play dough, pens, paper, told them to just play – make a mess! Observing what people do, what comes naturally when they’re thinking of a drink and oranges like this was incredibly insightful.”

But, the ideas that Drink Works had initially developed then had to face up to the actual physics of design. On average, there’s more pressure inside a carbonated plastic bottled beverage than in a car tire! So any sort of deformation can compromise the strength of the plastic and cause the bottle to pop out in weaker spots. Trying to bring the ‘twist’ to reality was no mean feat and for a few years it almost didn’t happen.

However, in 2015, Coca-Cola, Fanta’s parent company, were willing to do a small-scale market test in Italy and within 8 months the spiral design had excelled with consumers and was on production lines in Sicily.

The spiral design went from success to success after this pilot market test and has come to be one of Fanta’s most successful redesigns.

The new look launched with a new taste as well. The ‘fresh’ recipe uses a third less sugar than traditional Fanta, all the more fitting for a ‘slimmer’ bottle.

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