Accolade Wines is bolstering its presence in the growing no and low alcohol category with Hardys’ first alcohol free wine variant Hardys Alcohol-Free Chardonnay, for which Drink Works created the packaging design and tone of voice.

Hardys Alcohol Free Chardonnay is a crisp and refreshing offering, with notes of citrus and green apple. The new product, launched 1st of April 2019, came after Accolade identified an opportunity to corner the growing no and low alcohol sector by capitalising on its Hardys brand positioning as the number one UK wine brand.

"The alcohol free wine category represents a growing £17m profit opportunity for the trade"

— David White, Marketing Director at Accolade Wines

Drink Works was tasked with helping Hardys take leadership in the no and low alcohol space and drive incremental volume and value for the brand – achieved through a bold and authentic design that drives purchase at point of sale. The design was informed by research into the alcohol free category by Drink Works’ strategy team and our remit also included developing the new product’s tone of voice and brand design.

The creative focuses on craft and reassurance, and the design is closely aligned to the traditional wine category, ensuring consistency between the alcohol and alcohol free Hardys variants. It is the brand’s first no alcohol style.

David White, marketing director at Accolade Wines, says: “The alcohol free wine category represents a growing £17m profit opportunity for the trade and Hardys Alcohol Free is perfect to help capitalise on this trend. It offers important wine cues, such as grape style and flavour notes, and strong consumer confidence in the Hardys brand will help to drive purchase on occasions when consumers might be seeking an alternative to alcohol.”

Leyton Hardwick, creative director and founder at Drink Works, adds that “we knew there was an opportunity for a trusted company like Accolade to make a real impact in the no and low alcohol space, especially with a beverage as distinctive as Hardys Alcohol Free Chardonnay. Our creative concept will help attract new audiences to the category, by relying on cues of craft and reassurance as well ensuring visual consistency in line with the Hardys parent brand.”